Bali, Indonesia

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Bali, one of the World’s Best Islands
Splendid terraced rice fields, magnificent landscapes where the tropical vegetation blends with coconut trees, impressive volcanoes, superb beaches, colorful coral reefs, majestic cliffs offering breathtaking sea views... The natural beauty of Bali is captivating.

Situated eight degrees south of the equator, the island enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 24 and 31 degrees all year round and a monsoon season that brings rains from December to March.

Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Bali is located in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago. In this magical paradise, you will discover long white sand beaches with crystal clear water, small hidden coves and black sand beaches with perfect waves for surfing. You will be amazed by a dive with dolphins, turtles or the majestic manta rays.

Bali, the Island of the Gods
The unique and bewitching atmosphere of Bali reflects the attachment of the Balinese to their traditions and beliefs. You will be fascinated by the multitude of temples, daily offerings and ceremonies held in charming villages.

Bali has a rich artistic and cultural heritage that attracts talented artists and artisans, dancers, painters and musicians to its shores and especially to the royal village of Ubud. From small craft villages to art galleries, from the Kecak dance to the Fire dance, from the Hindu epics to Gamelan orchestra  performances... there is so much discover!

Easily accessible by plane from Singapore, Jakarta, Australia or Europe, the island became one of the top holiday destinations in Asia and offers an amazing choice of trendy shops, fine-dining restaurants, superb spas, and activities. World-class golf courses, diving, surfing, rafting, horseback riding, sailing, volcano trekking ... Bali offers everything you could ever desire!

If you want to have relaxing vacations with your family, discover a rich culture, enjoy the fantastic Balinese massage in lavish spas, party with friends, or if you are looking for an idyllic setting for a romantic honeymoon or a lavish wedding, Bali will enchant you.

The Bukit & Uluwatu

The Bukit is the large limestone peninsula that lies at the southern end of Bali.
Arid and rugged, the Bukit is bordered by over 170 meters high cliffs, small coves and beautiful white sand beaches including Padang-Padang, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran to the north. Paradise for the surfers, the waters of the Indian Ocean are home to migrating whales as well as dugongs and turtles that can be seen near the shore at high tide when the sea is calm.
Perched 70 meters above the waves on an impressive promontory of the Bukit west coast, Pura Uluwatu is one of the nine major temples revered by the Balinese. The famous temple dedicated to the spirits of the sea offers spectacular sunset views.
The Bukit became one of Bali’s most high end destinations with 5 star hotels, superb villas and golf courses including the New Kuta Golf and the Nusa Dua Golf which is one of the five best golf courses in Asia for Fortune magazine.

Villas in The Bukit & Uluwatu

Villa Khayangan

6 Bedrooms
23 Staff

From 2800

The Istana

6 Bedrooms
29 Staff

From 2500

Nusa Dua

Situated in the south of Bali, on the east coast of the Bukit Peninsula, Nusa Dua is home to many luxury hotels, the main conference center of the island and the famous Nusa Dua Golf and Countryclub. With its long white sandy beaches including Geger beach, a six kilometer seaside promenade with many restaurants, Nusa Dua attracts many tourists.
Nearby, the traditional Benoa cape offers a great insight into local life. The village was a busy harbor in the past and many descendants of the Bugis and Chinese traders are living in this colorful maze of narrow streets with small shops, market and temples.

Villas in Nusa Dua

Villa Bidadari

4 Bedrooms
14 Staff

From 1250


Jimbaran is on the isthmus which connects the Bukit with the rest of Bali island, a few kilometers south of the airport. Its large five kilometer bay protected by a coral reef is ideal for swimming.
The Jimbaran white sandy beach is quiet, frequented by Balinese families at the end of the afternoons, and has many small seafood restaurants.


Known for its long beach that attracts many surfers, Kuta is the most touristic city of Bali with hundreds of shops, restaurants and many bars and nightclubs.


With its multitude of elegant designer boutiques, lavish spas, chic cocktail bars and fine dining restaurants including the famous Ku De Ta but also Métis, Sarong, The Lucciola, Sardine and Living-Room, Seminyak not only became Bali's most trendy village but has also gained a worldwide reputation. Luxurious accommodations, superb villas and grandiose parties with top DJs attract the international jet set in this small Balinese St Tropez.
The long grey sand beaches of Seminyak and Petitenget offer a magical setting to admire the spectacular sunsets of Bali.

Villas in Seminyak

Villa Atas Ombak

5 Bedrooms
24 Staff

From 1800

Villa Des Indes I

4 Bedrooms
7 Staff

From 720


Situated a few kilometers north of Seminyak and close to the Nirwana Bali Golf Club and the sacred Tanah Lot temple, the fishermen village of Canggu and the small nearby villages are home to some of Bali’s best luxury villas surrounded by rice fields.
Canggu offers the tranquility and authenticity of the countryside and a fascinating insight into the Balinese traditional lifestyle while being very close to many activities and the Seminyak’s shops, trendy restaurants and glittering nightlife. Many villas are members of the prestigious Canggu Club which features Bali’s best sporting facilities for both adults and children, including tennis and squash courts, gym, swimming pool, football field...
The beaches of Canggu, Bewara and Echo Beach are a surfer paradise and for swimming, Petitenget and Seminyak beaches are more recommended.

Villas in Canggu

Simona Oasis

5 Bedrooms
12 Staff

From 950

Villa Chalina

7 Bedrooms
16 Staff

From 750

Seseh & Tanah Lot

The traditional village of Seseh is situated between Canggu and Tanah Lot, on the west coast of Bali. It is a perfect holiday destination if you want to discover the Balinese culture and enjoy the tranquility and natural splendor of the countryside with its endless rice fields and its small hamlets where sometimes the time seems to have stopped.
The famous sea temple of Tanah Lot is a few kilometers north of Seseh. The panorama of this 18th century temple perched on a rock above the waves of the Indian Ocean is breathtaking during sunset. With 3 holes running along the opposite cliffs, the Nirwana Bali Golf Club offers amazing views over the sea and the Tanah Lot. Designed by Greg Norman, this 18-hole par 72 championship golf course is considered one of Asia’s best golf courses.

Villas in Seseh & Tanah Lot

Villa Semarapura

5 Bedrooms
16 Staff

From 1180

Villa Niloufar

5 Bedrooms
20 Staff

From 780


Denpasar is the capital city of Bali province with a population of approximately 800 000.

Sanur & Ketewel

Located on the south east coastline of Bali, Sanur is a destination particularly appreciated by families for its large golden sand beach protected by a reef and ideal for swimming, many shops, restaurants and activities.
A few kilometers north-east of Sanur, the region of Ketewel, famous for its Legong Bededari dancers, includes small quaint fishing villages, black sand beaches, beautiful rice fields, tobacco and banana plantations. The two beautiful tropical islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida located a short boat ride away offers extraordinary dive sites.

Villas in Sanur & Ketewel

Villa Ylang Ylang

6 Bedrooms
10 Staff

From 520


Tabanan is one of the most prosperous regions of Bali with its highly productive rice fields that stretch as far as the eyes can see following the contours of hills. Nominated as Unesco World Heritage site in 2008, the terraced rice fields of Jatiluwih which lie at an altitude of up to 850 meters above sea level offer extraordinary panoramas.
In Tabanan region, there is also the second highest mountain of the island, Mount Batukau that culminates at 2276 meters. It is surrounded by a rich wildlife and flora that can be discovered during nice hikes through the jungle. On the thirty kilometers long coast, you will find black sand beaches, coves and the beaches of Balian and Medewi appreciated by the surfers.


Located in the heart of the island, the royal village of Ubud is the cultural and artistic capital of Bali. Source of inspiration for Balinese painters, dancers, writers and musicians, Ubud attracts as well famous foreign artists and many art collectors and connoisseurs.
There is a unique atmosphere in Ubud where the beauty and serenity of the nature with its rice fields, rivers and stunning panoramas, blend with the heritage of decades of artistic effervescence, temples and royal palaces, cultural performances, art galleries, small artisan villages ... Ubud is also home to luxurious spas, fine dining restaurants like Mozaic, nice boutiques and superb villas. The climate is slightly cooler than in south of Bali.

Villas in Ubud

Bukit Naga

7 Bedrooms
15 Staff

From 1300

Villa San

6 Bedrooms
11 Staff

From 680

Mont Agung & Besakih

Highest point of Bali, Gunung Agung is the most revered mountain of the island as the Balinese consider it as fragment of Mount Meru, the spiritual axis of the universe. The ascension to the top of the volcano is magnificent. On its slopes, lies the spectacular mother temple Pura Besakih where Bali's most important festivals and ceremonies are organized.


Located on the eastern coastline of Bali, Amed is known for its fishing villages, amazing diving sites, and relaxing atmosphere.